Cognitive Cloud-based Classrooms:

Mission Statement:

We are mandated to Educate, Empower, Nurture and Showcase the talents of the next generation of young leaders in STEM. We aim to provide a network of support and exert influence to our students, educators, partners and communities.

We as an organisation that is extremely passionate in providing STEM-Based Educational programs to mostly disadvantaged girls and female graduates from underserved communities, we are committed to bridge the Gender Gap within the set Industries, we aim to offer a “Four-Dimensional Approach” to girls in elementary, high schools and ICT Graduates to foster Training & Development, Innovate & Make,  Mentorship & Coaching and Exhibitions & Awards, these are programmes that are a project-based  model aligned to the South African  Basic Education Curriculum. The content of our programs is not delivered in a traditional way but embracing the digital transformation within the spheres of  technology education builders. We envision to transform how learning and teaching in the 21st Century could give every child an opportunity to participate in the mainstreams of digital economy and change the landscape of their communities.

Team: we are a community of Educators, Software developers, Engineers, Business Leaders, Academic Advisors coupled with a diverse expertise in various backgrounds to build more powerful force of STEM Leaders.

Our program has positively impacted more than 3000 Students, Program Facilitators and Educators both in elementary and high school (Grade 4 -12 ) in 5 regional districts, 12 schools in Gauteng Province with an application of Innovative Technology Methodologies the youth find it fun and impactful to spark the interest in STEM education. Through our various programs students participate in our annual Hackathons, Coding and Robotics clubs i.e. “The Geek-novator Club,” a community of  girls Junior Tech-preneurs in grade 4 – grade 7 participating in a 16 week program learning Coding & Programming skills though Scratch 0.3, Python, Java, C+, Arduino IDE, Mbot Robotics and Chatbots. “Teen Medical Innovation Challenge is our Annual competition for High schools learners in all Gauteng 5 Regional Districts where participants are enrolled into a  26 weeks training and Pitching exercise program we expose learners with skills in Design Thinking, Coding, Programming, Electronics, Bio-technology- based, 3D Printing, I.O.T, and Artificial Intelligence skills they can work on their Innovative projects and lastly our Global Participation, here a few number outstanding students and tutors are selected to participate in Global Competitions like MTN Global Hack, Pan-African Robotics Challenge, some of our Facilitators and Programs Managers participate in International Science, Innovation and Technology Summits (Next Einstein Forum).

Our Technological Infrastructure:

It is with no doubt that the complexity of sciences continue to increase, technological equipment, scientific tools and instruments are becoming prohibitively expensive, the government and some of education partners are unable to meet the demands of providing adequate infrastructures for schools in disadvantaged communities, pursuing a career in STEM becomes a challenge while the spark couldnt be kept at a lower level and majority of girls continue to lose interest in STEM Education, However, these Technological tools developed and made accessible at our reach will open up the ability to engage relevant stakeholders, partnerships, female educators in STEM, parents taking interest in what their children are learning and what career they want to pursue, and more opportunities to grow our community and continue to drive STEM-Based Awareness Programs by doing so, more girls and female graduates are enrolled into the program. This is platform that allows our students and teachers to freely express their talents in the best of their ability, we can develop more highly skilled community of problem solvers and leaders of STEM. Our intention is to offer a content that integrates a fully-fledged Augmented Reality tool to conduct some of the scientific experimentations which are mostly impossible to be carried out in schools with poor infrastructure. This thoughtful and coordinated approach implementation will enable learners, educators/tutors and other stakeholders to collaborate in one platform.

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