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Tech Savvy Kids SA

Teaching youth to code from an early age will help them develop other learning skills that they will need in their academic journey.
It is important that these skills are taught at a very young age so that they form part of their lives and they embrace a culture of problem solving and developing solutions to tackle day-to-day problems that they face within their community.

Mission Statement

Community Impact

We are mandated to Educate, Empower, Nurture and Showcase the talents of the next generation of young leaders in STEM. We aim to provide a network of support and exert influence to our students, educators, partners and communities.

We as an organisation that is extremely passionate in providing STEM-Based Educational programs to mostly disadvantaged girls and female graduates from underserved communities, we are committed to bridge the Gender Gap within the set Industries, we aim to offer a “Four-Dimensional Approach” to girls in elementary, high schools and ICT Graduates to foster Training & Development, Innovate & Make,  Mentorship & Coaching and Exhibitions & Awards, these are programmes that are a project-based  model aligned to the South African  Basic Education Curriculum. The content of our programs is not delivered in a traditional way but embracing the digital transformation within the spheres of  technology education builders. We envision to transform how learning and teaching in the 21st Century could give every child an opportunity to participate in the mainstreams of digital economy and change the landscape of their communities.

Our Courses

Code for a Brighter Future


Tech-Preneurship is a simple entrepreneurship in a technology intensive context. It is a process of merging technology prowess and entrepreneurial talent and skills.


Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. We help our learners create, deliver and optimize content and applications.


The camps focuses on teaching practical skills for individual growth, the development as an effective leader and to organisation within groups


Digital Financial Literacy is having the knowledge, acquired skills and developing necessary habits to effectively use digital devices to for financial transactions.

Innovolution Coding Club

Code for a Brighter Future

With the growing skills gap in the IT industry, South Africa has listed System Development, System Analysis and Design as one of the Scarce Skills that the country has identified thus far. Innovolution Edu Progrmmes serves to bridge this gap. Studies have shown that when you out of the IT industry for 3 years you are irrelevant you have to relearn again, the industry has innovative and Vendor certifications have gained a lot of ground international. They display knowledge of the product and competences at a certain high degree. Addressingthe issue of poverty and the youth becoming Economical Active. We are going to introduce a program that will get our participants job ready for the Entry level jobs in the Software Development space. With participants getting Oracle Certifications by the end of the program, we give our disadvantaged youths to contribute and change their lives with meaningful jobs.

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